Caltex has a rabbit, Lacoste has a crocodile and the OK Express on St. Lucia in KwaZulu-Natal has a hippopotamus.

Almost half a million people have already watched a video of a hippopotamus walking dead on the road at the Engen gas station in town. The OK Express store at the gas station shared the video on its Facebook page, after which it spread like wildfire.

“Just a leisurely Sunday night hike in St. Lucia looking for sweets at the OK Express, ”the Facebook entry says.

Marié Stubbe, the resort manager of Lake View Cabanas and a longtime resident of the town, took the video Sunday night after she went home from friends.

“With us, animals in the streets are an everyday phenomenon. We often see animals like night monkeys and muscat cats, but the hippos have the greatest attraction.

“The animals give a different meaning to St. Lucia’s ‘nightlife’, ”Stubbe joked.

“Almost everyone in town has already shared a video of a hippopotamus on Facebook. I don’t know why this one went so crazy. “

She says there is currently also a warthog that is regularly noticed in the town.

Stubbe says at the resort where she works, she doesn’t usually warn her guests against crime, but rather that they should be on the lookout for hippos in the street.

She says most people are used to the animals and let them do it. However, it remains wild animals that can react unpredictably if they scare.

Stubbe said that after the hippopotamus turned around at the gas station, the animal quietly walked away again.

The hippos live in the iSimangaliso Wetland Park, a World Heritage Site.

Just a casual Sunday night stroll in St.Lucia looking for snacks at OK Express 🦛🌿 The hippo returned back to the lake after grazing around town. St.Lucia town is surrounded by a large lake and extensive natural habitat for wildlife. #stluciaestuary #okexpress #engen Engen SA

Posted by OK Express at Engen St.Lucia on Sunday, February 23, 2020

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