In just one week, no fewer than 12 twins were born at a hospital in Kansas City, USA.

The twins were all born five to 14 weeks early. The Saint Luke’s Hospital in Missouri has decided to celebrate this rare phenomenon by hiring a photographer to photograph the newcomers.

Helen Ransom, the photographer who took the photos for free, understands all too well how the new parents feel, as she herself has triplet boys who are premature.

When I heard there were 10+ sets of twins at Saint Luke's Hospital of Kansas City on the Plaza, you know this mama of multiples couldn’t say “no” to a special photo shoot just for them! 😍 Clearly KMBC 9, FOX4 News Kansas City, and 41 Action News – KSHB-TV couldn’t resist either… did you see their stories tonight? 😉 So much love to these rockstar NICU parents, and this journey they are on!

Posted by Faces You Love Photography on Tuesday, November 26, 2019

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