The Chinese Embassy in South Africa said on Friday that parents of South African students studying in China, especially in Wuhan, are concerned about the outbreak of the coronavirus in the country and are even more concerned that the epidemic will flood into South Africa.

“We fully understand parents’ concerns and we hope that friends of South Africa and other countries will have confidence in the Chinese government and people who are doing everything in their power to ensure the health and safety of every foreigner, especially international students, in China, ”the embassy said in a statement.

According to the embassy, ​​the Wuhan municipality, where the first case was reported, implemented very strict entrance and exit controls. Public transport to and from Wuhan has been temporarily suspended.

At least 13 cities have announced they are suspending train and long-haul bus services, despite the fact that hundreds of thousands of people have planned to travel to their hometowns for the Chinese New Year, which begins this weekend. About 43 million people in Chinese cities are affected by the travel ban.

“Friends of South Africa are requested not to visit Wuhan at this stage and South Africans currently in Wuhan should not leave the city or return to South Africa now.”

The embassy said dedicated and backup hospitals are available for the treatment of pneumonia caused by the coronavirus. “If there is a suspicion that someone is ill, the person should contact the local hospital as soon as possible to receive treatment.”

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