Crime flourishes in Krugersdorp without community patrols

The absence of patrol services from community policing forums (CPF) in Krugersdorp has increased crime in this town.

Tjaart Steenkamp, ​​FF Plus councilor in the Mogale City local municipality, said suspected copper thieves were breaking open electric power boxes almost daily to steal melting wires. “The wires have virtually no resale value and the small copper contact that forms part of the fuse is probably the only reason for the crime.”

Be the Covid-19 isolation measures and the setting of the evening clock rule, the CPF is not authorized to continue with its operations. Police services’ responsibilities have also been extended to ensure that the Disaster Management Act’s regulations are applied.

“The increase in this type of crime causes three or more houses left in the street without electricity for a day or more, which leads to great frustration among homeowners and the municipality,” Steenkamp added. “The suburbs that are especially crowded are Krugersdorp North and Krugersdorp West.”

He said it was alarming that criminals had shifted their focus from large-scale copper wire theft to stealing smelting wires to the detriment of many households already suffering from difficult conditions due to the Covid 19 seclusion period.

The FF Plus calls on residents of Krugersdorp to report any form of theft immediately to the police.

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