Deaths, injuries confirmed after blast refinery

A man and a woman were killed and at least six people injured in Thursday morning’s blast at Astron Energy’s Milnerton refinery in Cape Town.

Western Cape police confirmed the deaths and injuries. “The cause of the explosion is still being investigated.” No further details have been announced.

The explosion resulted in homes shaking in the immediate area.

Astron Energy has only confirmed that there was an “incident” at its Milnerton refinery at about 4 am.

“Our emergency response procedures were activated immediately and the relevant authorities were notified. The resulting fire was put under control and all operations at the plant were suspended, ”the company said in a brief statement.

Cape Town Fire and Rescue Services spokesman Jermaine Carelse confirmed they were on the scene, but referred all further inquiries to Astron Energy.

Astron Energy said in its statement its priority is to ensure the safety of everyone at the scene.

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