Suspect arrested in hospital after the robbery

A 26-year-old suspect was arrested in a hospital on Monday in connection with an armed robbery in Malvern in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal.

A shooting broke out between the suspects and a police officer, who found the house robbery, during which the suspect was shot in the stomach.

Capt. Police spokeswoman Nqobile Gwala said the suspect and two of his roommates robbed a house at Glendale Road in Malvern at about 1:50 p.m. They entered the house and detained the residents of the house with firearms as they stole a television.

“They forced the residents of the house to lie on the ground while trying to get the television off the wall. The three jumped over the fence with the stolen television, ”says Gwala.

A police officer who was not on duty at the time saw the three suspects trying to get away with the television. He confronted them, after which a shooting broke out.

Gwala said a 26-year-old suspect was shot during the shooting. The other two suspects helped get him into a vehicle before fleeing the scene. This vehicle was later found abandoned and the suspects were runoff. Police seized the vehicle for further investigation.

Gwala said the eThekwini district’s triathlon team investigated a case of house robbery. This led to the arrest of the suspect in a hospital. He was there for the treatment of a gunshot wound to his abdomen, which he sustained during the shooting.

“He was arrested, but will remain in the hospital under police supervision for the first time,” says Gwala.

The suspect will be released after appearing in court.

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