Covid-19 statistics: More than 5,000 test positive

South Africa has recorded another 5,688 Covid-19 cases and 103 new deaths since Tuesday. This is the second consecutive day that the number of deaths exceeds the 100 mark. Since March, 111,796 people have tested positive for Covid-19 and 2,205 people have already died from the virus. A total of 56 874 people have already recovered, a rate of 50,9%. This is slightly lower than last week’s 52%. The death rate remains stable at 2% of positive cases.

Most deaths were recorded in the Western Cape (63), Gauteng (25) and Eastern Cape (15).

The largest increase in cases over the past 24 hours was in Gauteng (2,115), the Western Cape (1,650), and The Eastern Cape (1,106). KwaZulu-Natal also showed a reasonable increase of 450 new cases.

The largest percentage of Covid-19 deaths still occurs among the 50-59 (24%) and 60-69 (26%) age groups.

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