Truck hijacked with cell phones in Midrand

Six suspects were arrested on Wednesday in Midrand, Gauteng, for allegedly hijacking a courier truck carrying cell phones. The goods transported in the truck were found in Midrand on Wednesday.

Capt. Police spokesman Kay Makhubele says before the truck was hijacked, four of the suspects on the security guards who accompanied the truck began firing. These suspects drove in an Audi A4 vehicle.

The security guards tried to close themselves so as not to get shot. They then allowed the suspects to take the truck.

The driver and the rest of the crew of the truck were apparently dropped off in Kempton Park. They later opened a case at Midrand police station.

Makhubele said the investigation led police to the premises in Phomolong near Midrand, where the hijacked truck and stolen goods were found.

One of the trucks hijacked (Photo: Supply)

In another incident in Midrand, police found a truck on the road in Blue Hills in Midrand. The truck was reportedly hijacked in Alberton.

Makhubele said as police officers approached the truck, four suspects tried to run away. One of the suspects was arrested. The driver of the truck was found in the back of the vehicle.

The suspects arrested in connection with both incidents are expected to appear in the Midrand Magistrate’s Court soon.

Lt. Genl. Gauteng provincial commissioner Elias Mawela praised the police for their quick response to arresting the suspects. He also issued a warning to those who think they could extradite the police at the time of seclusion. He said the police did not particularly rest on their laurels during the seclusion.

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