Ramaphosa speech: Yes for liquor, no for Level 3 tobacco

There is good news and bad news for South Africa at level 3 of the seclusion period.

Pres. Cyril Ramaphosa said in a speech on Sunday night that the country is moving to coronavirus level 3 on June 1, while there are now 22 583 confirmed cases of the new coronavirus in South Africa. The death toll stands at 429.

It has now been 10 weeks since a disaster was announced in South Africa and Ramaphosa says in preparation for the expected increase in infections, 20,000 hospital beds for Covid 19 cases have been set aside and 27 field hospitals are being built nationwide. Some of these hospitals are already ready to take in patients.

“The coronavirus pandemic in South Africa is going to get worse before it improves,” Ramaphosa warned.

“The duration, scale and impact of the pandemic will depend on our actions as a society and our behavior as individuals.”

Ramaphosa said a number of groups have been meeting in recent times and although the seclusion period has been effective, it cannot be sustained indefinitely.

The Cabinet has therefore decided that the whole country will move to level 3.

That’s what you can expect at level 3


Ramaphosa said the sale of alcohol will henceforth be allowed under strict conditions and only on specific days and for limited hours.

Further announcements will be made as soon as discussions with the industry are completed.

Tobacco products

“The sale of tobacco products remains prohibited at level 3 due to the health hazards associated with smoking,” Ramaphosa said.

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