Police searching for ‘robbers’ one killed

Eastern Cape police are looking for a man who shot and killed a suspected robber on Thursday night in Port Elizabeth.

Col. Police spokeswoman Priscilla Naidu said in a statement that the incident happened on Humewood Park Road.

Naidu said the driver of a white VW Polo was sitting in the car at about 11:30 pm when he was approached by two unknown men. One of the men, 31, walked up to the driver’s car window and demanded that the driver open his window.

When the driver refused to open the window, a stone was thrown through the window.

It was then that the driver of the car got out of his vehicle and allegedly fired at the two men. The 31-year-old man sustained multiple gunshot wounds in the incident. However, his companion managed to escape.

Naidu said the driver of the car drove away from the scene after the incident. The deceased’s body was found at the scene.

Police are now investigating a murder case. At this stage, the driver of the VW Polo is still on run

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